Where to Find the Right Contractors for Your Landscaping Project


Kai Magsanoc

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Kai Magsanoc

February 7, 2021

Landscaping, contractors, and suppliers — they go together. is the place to find all of them from the comfort of your home.

The holidays are upon us. We anticipate leaf-covered lawns and inches of snow, but we also hope for a landscape that is ready for the festivities of the season, no matter the tough times we are in. Christmas comes only once a year, and we’d like our yard to look the part, especially if we have kids!

Where do you find the right people for your landscaping project? Whether you are a homeowner looking for contractors or a landscaping business owner looking for suppliers, the place to look is

READ: The Top Landscaping Trends of 2020 is a sourcing platform. Its goal is to make your landscaping project as smooth and stress-free as possible by connecting you to the right people who can make your vision a reality. This way, you can focus on your project.

You can relax and sleep better at night, too, knowing there are people who are helping put your project together for you, within the budget you have set and the time you have allotted for the project to be completed.

So how does it work? 1. Sign up. Identify whether you are a Homeowner, Licensed Contractor, or Supplier. Signing up is free! 2. Be ready with valid information so that the staff can check how easily they may service your area. They cover the US and Canada. 3. Wait 24 hours for your registration to be activated. Once done, you can already look for the contractors or suppliers you need!


How has helped homeowners, contractors, and suppliers? Here is feedback from users who have found (and continue to find) success with Scaped:

From Tim, homeowner: “Scaped has saved me a lot of time and money on landscape supplies. We know which suppliers have the best prices and who can deliver when we want it. We no longer have to call multiple suppliers and we are confident we are paying the lowest price.”

Use as a homeowner to:

  • Get the best prices for the supplies and services you need
  • Experience the convenience of a one-stop-shop in landscaping
  • Enjoy the benefits of a complete team servicing your project requirements

From Michael, contractor: “We use the Scaped platform on a daily basis for project leads and material for our projects and on-site inventory. We highly recommend Scaped for any contractor who is looking for free projects and low-cost material that is delivered when you need it.”

Use as a contractor to:

  • Find potential business every day
  • Find suppliers you can work with
  • Grow your business through steady projects in the US and Canada

From Melissa, supplier: “Scaped has helped me grow my business by increasing the number of customers, reducing our marketing spend, and streamlining operations. The platform is easy to use and the Scaped team is always available when questions or issues arise.”

Use as a supplier to:

  • Get business through finding customers like homeowners and contractors
  • Have a virtual team that works with you on your business requirements
  • Have marketers that put your business out there and push your name out

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