Trees that Provide Great Shade


Kai Magsanoc

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Kai Magsanoc

February 7, 2021

Ask our experts how you can incorporate these helpful trees in your landscape design

Trees are a true blessing. Aside from the shade they provide us, having trees around makes the entire atmosphere around our home and garden much cooler while giving us fresh air. That big chunk of wood and its leaves are the answer to all our hot days, or on days when we simply need to bathe in nature.

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If you aren’t really sure what tree to get for your home, we have a list of some of the best trees that provide much-needed shade. They all have different beauties and different benefits but they all get the job done — and they all grow fast!

1. River Birch

Of all the birch trees, the River Birch tree is the most heat tolerant. They’re commonly found near lakes and streams, but that doesn’t mean they can’t thrive in your backyard. They need to be watered slowly (preferably with a soaker hose) once a week during the warmer seasons.

2. Gingko

Aside from the usual benefits a tree gives, the Ginkgo tree is well-known for its leaves. Ginkgo leave extracts are thought to have numerous health benefits, such as helping improve memory and brain function, reducing anxiety, and reducing inflammation.

A young tree requires watering almost every day to help the roots establish, but once they’re established, they don’t require as much watering. Just avoid watering to the point of making it soggy!

3. Hybrid Poplar

Hybrid Poplars, as the name suggests, are a hybrid of different varieties of the poplar species. They provide excellent shade as they can grow from 5 feet up to 8 feet! They may be watered daily.

4. Dawn Redwood

The Dawn Redwood is a popular ornamental plant that looks very similar to the sequoia, hence its scientific name Metasequioa. They require watering anytime the soil around them becomes dry to the touch.

5. Tulip Tree

A tulip tree produces large flowers that look very much like tulips! They give your garden a mystical forest vibe and they can grow up to 191.8 feet. Tulip trees are very sensitive to drought which is why you need to make sure the roots are always kept moist.

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You may look at these trees and think: Okay, how do I get them in my backyard? I can’t grow them overnight, can I?

This is a valid question. There are a lot of gardening shops that offer these types of trees. It may take awhile to have full-grown trees in your backyard even with these fast-growing ones, but the fruit of the wait and labor is worth every second.

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