Plants That Thrive in the Cold Months


Kai Magsanoc

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Kai Magsanoc

February 7, 2021

Tis the season when trees show us how beautiful it is to let things go, as they say. But here are plants that you can definitely hold on to during the cold months.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. Autumn leaves scattered throughout the streets, pumpkin-spiced lattes in everyone’s hand, cardigans and boots at the forefront of everyone’s closets.

But of course we can’t overlook our gardens! We want them to be absolute winners so we can sit on our porch, breathe in the cool air, and just admire the peace that the fall season brings upon us.

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We put together some of the perfect plants that are a must-have for your garden this fall. We guarantee that having these will help your yard win the hearts of anyone who passes by.

1. Balloon Flower There are three different colors this flower can come in: blue, pink, and white. They’re best under full sunlight but partial shade works as well.

The contrast of this flowering plant’s blue against fall’s red, orange, and golden hues would be a nice thing to play around with, while the pinks and whites would perfectly complement each other.

If you are not afraid to play around with colors, the balloon flower is for you.

2. Goldenrod There are people who are allergic to this plant so we suggest you check first if you are. If yes, then skip to number 3; if not, you’re in luck!

The Goldenrod is a beautiful herb, although it is often considered a weed. Its golden color will definitely bring your landscape to live! It thrives best under full sunlight.

3. Sunshine Blue Caryopteris Love the deep, royal color of lavender? This plant will add that color to your garden, adding depth to your garden layout or landscape.

If you look closely, it might look slightly similar to the Goldenrod. Another similarity is that it also lives best in full sun.

4. Dwarf Fothergilla To give your garden more variety, it will be good to have a few shrubs. The Dwarf Fothergilla is a gold, red, purple, and orange shrub that lives best in partial shade to full sun.

5. Chrysanthemums Chrysanthemums come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can have only chrysanthemums in your garden (if you have mastered their care) but people would think you have different plants. Isn’t it fun?

This is one of the things that make the chrysanthemum the most popular fall garden flowers: they’re easy to grow and care for. They also thrive in full sun.

6. Oakleaf Hydrangea This shrub has oak-leaf shaped leaves (which is where they got their name from) that turn red or purple in the late fall. They can survive with any amount of sunlight but they bloom the prettiest and have the best colors under full sun.

7. Pansy There are so many different types of pansies to choose from and they’re all beautifully rich in color! While they look great in the fall, they’re also a nice prep for the coming winter season.

They like full or partial sun but to really get the best out of their beauty, we suggest planting them when the winter season is nearing because they thrive in cooler temperatures.

These are just a few flower and shrub options for you to consider to help brighten up your garden before the winter and all throughout the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Some of them actually thrive in ice-cold weather, so you can rest assured that they will be there to brighten your landscape even while you make snow angels and build snowmen.

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