Flowers That Look Great All Year Round


Kai Magsanoc

Flowers That Attract Pollinators


Kai Magsanoc

February 7, 2021

Love flowers and want those that are low maintenance? Start with these 5.

For those of us who love tending to plants, our flowers are the pride and joy of our gardens. They bring the vibrancy, the color, and just make our gardens look so much more interesting.

The problem, though, is there are flowers that don’t last the entire year. No matter how much fun gardening is, it can sometimes be tiring planting and replanting based on the season — and that’s what this article is for.

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We have put together a nice little list of flowers to have in your garden all year round. No matter what season it is, they’ll be able to withstand the test of time and you won’t have to worry about anything other than pruning and watering these blooms.

1. Sweet pea

The sweet pea is a beautiful, fragrant flower that closely resembles butterfly wings! They come in red, blue, pink, white, and lavender. They begin flowering in early June and, with proper TLC, they can last well into the winter season!

Best in full sun, blooms best in summer.

2. Coneflower

Coneflowers are a popular flower to have in the garden because of how diverse they can be in both color and size! They’re also really easy to care for and can handle any type of weather.

Best in full sun.

3. Calibrachoa

These ornamental flowers are a sure win in any household or garden. They can survive through full shade to light frost and are closely related to pansies.

Best in full sun.

4. Pansy

Pansies thrive the most during cold weather but they still blossom prettily during warmer months. They’re the best for container gardens or planting by a foot path for a more enchanting walk across the front yard.

Best in full sun but need the cold temperatures to survive.

5. Sweet alyssum

Sweet Alyssum are beautiful low-growing plants perfect for covering up the dead space beneath your tall coneflowers! They look great in planters, for borders, and the like. Their dainty flowers against the wild amount of leaves makes them a crowd favorite!

Best in full sun but need extra water in excess heat.

It’s always nice to think ahead. If you’re a busy person who loves their garden and wants to keep it beautiful but just don’t have enough time to give 100% to it every season, that’s alright. That’s what these perennial flowers are for.

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Just be sure to get to know each flower (and plant!) in your garden so you know how to care for them individually, because they all need different kinds of sun exposure and have different needs when it comes to watering.

If you have any questions on the best types of flowers for your garden and how to make it the best one on the block, don’t hesitate to look for a Scaped representative to talk to you through it all. Happy gardening!

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