5 Ways to Manage Weeds


Kai Magsanoc

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Kai Magsanoc

February 7, 2021

When you look at a garden or landscape, it is hard to imagine all the work that goes into it; one of which is managing weeds.

Weeds are the worst nightmare of any garden and lawn enthusiast. They grow, completely unprovoked, and ruin all your plants by stealing its nutrients and then going on its merry way; unfazed by outside forces until you come along and save your plants! We spend hours and hours a day pulling out weeds that think they can hide as grass as they complete their horrible mission of giving you a sad-looking garden.

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If you want to know more about how to deal with weeds, why they are there, and to what extent the damage they cause can come to, then this article was written for you. Don't get annoyed and frustrated yet. Here are solutions you can do to address your weed-y problem.

1. Mulching

Mulch does more than just provide nutrients to your plants, they also help block weed seeds from sunlight. All you need to do is cover the soil between your plants and where you’d like to prevent weed from growing and put the mulch a few inches away from the base of your plants.

2. Weed at the right time

The best time to weed is when it’s raining. Mulching is best for those sunny days that you can’t be bothered to kneel and pull. Weeding when the ground is wet helps you be able to remove the weeds from the roots instead of just the part above the soil.

3. Just cut

If you’re too busy to spend hours upon hours pulling weeds from the ground, what you can do is to just chop their heads off! The heads are where their seeds are, so by cutting them off and throwing them away, you can lessen the amount of weeds popping up.

4. Practice mass planting

Mass planting helps by not giving the weeds any space to grow. By keeping your plants in close quarters to each other, you create a no-weed zone!

5. Drip irrigation

One of the things that help weeds grow is when they are watered. If you can prevent watering in empty areas or simply just watering your plants themselves, this will help a lot as well.

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Maintaining a garden can be difficult because there are so many aspects to consider, but it’s worth it. The peace and serenity gardening brings to anyone is unmatched, and having the beauty of nature right in your front yard is worth every weed pulled.

We want to remind you that it’s okay to be frustrated, that’s it's normal, but don’t give up on your beautiful sanctuary just because of a few wild weeds!

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